Learn more about the purpose and benefits of an SSA.

What is an SSA? 

A Special Service Area (SSA) is a local district that uses its funds to expand services and programs within its proposed boundary. The SSA is governed by a Commission of volunteers made up of local businesses. The SSA will be managed by the Pulaski Elston Business Association (PEBA) which is leading the outreach effort to determine priorities of local businesses, residents and property owners within the Study Area.

What types of services
do SSAs provide? 

Each SSA provides an array of services within their districts.
An example of a few common categories and programs includes:

  • Business Marketing
  • Small Business Rates
  • Safety Enhancements
  • Security Camera Rebates
  • Public Art + Murals
  • Holiday Lighting + Decor
  • Corridor + Plaza Maintenance
  • Trash Clean-Up/Recycling
  • Sidewalk Snow Plowing
  • Landscaping + Tree Plantings
  • Planters + Hanging Baskets
  • Street Pole Banners/Signage
  • Cultural Events
  • Food + Music Festivals

How does an SSA fund

An SSA is funded through property tax revenue collected from properties within the SSA boundary. These funds are controlled locally by the SSA Commission and must stay in the district. The funds must be spent on services that achieve the SSA mission.

Why do we need an SSA?

PEBA has a variety of businesses that could benefit from additional marketing, beautification and signage. An SSA is an economic development tool that brings businesses together to collectively decide how tax dollars can be spent locally to maintain and promote a shared business district. Today’s retail environment is challenging and business owners understand the need to have a strategic, collaborative effort to identify common priorities and coordinate local improvements. An SSA can fund these goals and help local businesses stay competitive, attractive, and desirable for residents and customers alike.

What are the proposed boundaries of the SSA? 

The proposed boundaries of the SSA include properties along Lawrence, between Kentucky/Knox and Pulaski; along Pulaski between Ainslie and Cullom (within Ward 39 only); along Montrose between Keeler and Harding; and along Elston between Gunnison and Harding.

What is the process for
creating an SSA?

The process will feature several engagement events, including: virtual meetings with local business leaders and the community as a whole, and a survey of local business needs. We encourage anyone who is interested in learning more to reach out and get involved. Property owners within the proposed SSA boundary will be notified about community meetings via mail.

PEBA will submit a formal application to the City on or before June 11, 2021, after which another mailing will notify property owners of a public hearing in the fall of 2021. City Council will then vote on whether to establish the SSA. If approved, an ordinance will delineate the boundary and set a tax rate for the SSA.

How can I help? 

We’re glad you asked! Check out the Meetings page to finds details about advisory committee and community meetings. Share ideas about what services are needed in the district. A Needs Assessment Survey will be available soon. If you are a property owner within the district and you are in support of creating an SSA, please contact us!

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